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Tons of Tones !!

"A Series" Patches for DigiTech GNX 3000

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Here are original Amplifier Models produced using MEGS® technology.

The GNX4 and GNX3000 do not have user accessible Pre-Distortion tone controls. This means that each patch file can only emulate one setting of an Amplifier.
Due to the above hardware limitations, Tons of Tones !! decided to publish multiple snapshots of the same Amplifier. We promise to have atleast 30 different views ( Patch files) of each amplifier model that we offer. Each view is of the same Amplifier but with different Pre- Distortion Tone control settings.
As it can be problematic to load so many individual patch files, we will always also publish the patches as an Archive g3ka format. This allows users to upload 65 patches on to the GNX3000 at one time.
When a Guitarist gets a new Amp, he quickly goes through the various tone settings just by playing some chords and riffs while adjusting the knobs.
Sometimes, he tweaks his effects or guitar volume and tone knobs or even tries different cabinets with the new Amplifier.
He quickly finds out the settings he likes best.
We want to make the experience of downloading a new Amplifier Model equally interactive, fast and pleasurable. No more bending down and twiddling unless you really want to. All you need to do is -
A) Backup your GNX3000 so that you save your existing patches.
B) Restore our Archive files. You get up to 65 views of the same amp loaded on to various patches
C) Quickly play some chords and riffs on the Green, Red and Yellow channels of each patch. Press one pedal and you are on to the next patch.
D) Decide which 1-5 patches you like best for your personal style of music. ( It is necessary to adjust gain and effects to your liking)
E) Restore the earlier backup of the GNX3000
F) Find a free patch slot for your new favorite Amplifier Models !!

Models for the DigiTech GNX3000:
Gold1 (Medium Gain, Humbucker, in GNX3K format) : Here is an Amplifier Model suitable for Arena Rock and Metal. These patches have been saved at \m/edium gain.

If you have a Single Coil Guitar, you could find these patches too bright. In this case, you could adjust the tone controls of the guitar or Amp accordingly.

Or resave the patches after reducing the treble and presence on the GNX3K !
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Brutal Death Metal Fans : We will soon post patches of the same Amplifier at \m/ax gain

TonsOfTones at gmail dot com
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