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Here you will find our "Works in Progress", Customer submitted concepts and test files. We would value user comments on the files ! 

Models for the DigiTech GNX3000: : Here are some Amplifier Models. Can you tell which famous Amps are these based on ? Let's have your guesses !
Downloaded 2973 times : Here we took an Amplifier model and played around with its internal equalisers. This gave us 12 different patches that only differ in Equaliser settings.
Then we got playfull and started fiddling with some of the internal distortion stages of the Amps. This lead to five more "a" varations. The difference between ZB001 and ZB001a is only the gain in one of the internal stages of the Amplifier model.
Let us know what you think !
Downloaded 1933 times : Some concept Artist patches. Try and guess which Artist's peculiar sound are these patches trying to achieve. Playing some chords and notes in different styles with each patch might assist you to guess the name of the Artist that inspired us.
Drop us a line if you know the answer. There's a surprise waiting for the one with the most correct answers  !!
Downloaded 2641 times : This is a GNX3000 *.g3ka Archive file. If you "restore" this file on to your GNX3000 via X-EDIT, it will automatically install the ZA1, ZB1, ZZ1 files above. We are the first web site to use this convenient method that allows guitarists to try out 65 different Amplifier models with one easy download.
Downloaded 2174 times

More Free Amplifier Models will be avaiable in a "Member's Area". To qualify as a Member, we request you to :
A) submit detailed feedback on atleast 5 of the Amplifier Models presented here.
B) submit atleast 2 MP3's recorded with our patches. Contact us for more details.
After above steps, Please e-mail us for your password.
Reminder : What would you do if you purchased a new Amplifier Head ? Would you just plug it in and form your opinion on how it sounded with whatever settings the knobs happpened to be right out of the box ?
Of course not !! You would play around with all the knobs and buttons, you would try it out with the various cabinets you have. You would try out how your Effect boxes sound in conjunction with the new Head.
You need to do the same with downloaded Amplifier Models !! Please do play with your Guitar volume controls and adjust the Amp Model's gain, levels and tone controls to your liking so that you can hear all that these Models are capable of !!

TonsOfTones at gmail dot com
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