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Tons of Tones !!

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Welcome to Tons of Tones !!
A site dedicated to getting you the best tones from your Guitar Multi-Effects purchase.
We will have user reviews, forums, discussions and news about Multi-effect Processors from Boss, Roland, DigiTech, Yamaha, Korg and all the others. We are not affiliated to any manufacturer and hence hope to present a fair picture of the state of the art in MFX.
And did we mention Patches ? There will be tons of them to be found here. We are a team of techies and love playing with the innards of MFX.
If tone is your quest........... have reached the right place !

Did you know...

Most MFX patches are files that record and set various control parameters of fixed built-in Models inside the Effects box. They are easy and convenient ways to store tones that you like. They are also a great way to share tones with your friends !!

For example, suppose a Yamaha MagicStomp supports a "Heavy1" Amplifier model. The Patch file can then save details of your chosen gain, volume and equaliser settings for this built-in Heavy1 Amp Model.

The Yamaha MagicStomp does not allow a user to define from scratch a new Amplifier model that did not exist before. You are limited to only the models that originally came with the box.

However there do exist some advanced MFX boxes that offer more capability than the normal settings patch files of earlier MFX units. They actually allow you to create new Amplifier and Cabinet models that did not exist before.

The Patch files of these advanced MFX units carry all the information necessary to define new Amplifier and Cabinet Models !!

Currently there are some Line6 and DigiTech MFX units that support the advanced capabilities of user definable Amplifier and Cabinet Models.

DigiTech's leap over the competition ?
The latest versions of DigiTech's GNX range of "Guitar workstations" embody two advanced concepts-
* Patch files that store complete data to define new Amplifier and Cabinet Models.
* A unique patented feature that they call "Warp". This allows a Guitarist to take any two Amplifier or Cabinet models and mix them up in a particular ratio.
Both of these advanced concepts work together to allow owners of GNX MFX boxes to generate unlimited new tones !

Digitech's GNX3000


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