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Tons of Tones !!

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Our technology is for real !!

Whenever an extraordinarily powerful concept is first introduced into the market, there is a need to prove the existance of this new technology. The market rightfully demands substantiation of the major claims of the new technology.
Our MEGS®  software allows us to read and alter internal equaliser settings of our target DSP Multi-effect hardware.
To prove we can do this, we made a patch file where all the internal equalisers only pass 440 Hz ( The standard frequency for the "A" note) and a narrow band around it. We greatly boost signals around 440 Hz by 25 dB and sharply reject all other frequencies by up to -28 dB.
If you use this test patch on the GNX3000, only 440 Hz signals will pass through.
This means that irrespective of any note that you play on your guitar on any string, you will only hear an "A".
This patch is available to anyone on request. Please e-mail us.


TonsOfTones at gmail dot com
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